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Pet sitting Services and Rates

Services at the Pet sitter's Place:



Home Pet Care (NO CHARGE)

3 sessions of Dog Walking

1 Day


Intial Meeting

1 Hour



1. Our home pet care service means that the dog will stay at the pet sitter's place at no charge, that is accomodation, feeding and caring is not charged. It consists of 3 sessions of dog walking per day and these sessions are accountable to a fee. If pet require 4 or 5 walks per day, additional rate would be charged.

2. The intial meeting for home pet care normally takes place at the pet sitter's place, and the client brings the pet at his own charge. If a meeting point is requested, other than the pet sitter's home, there would be a fee.

3. The home pet care rate quoted above is for 1 dog, each additional dog will incure an additional rate. Please contact us with more details on additional dog's details, so we can provide you the best quote.



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